Re: OpenAPI Test Kit for OpenAPI Schema Object

Eric Wittmann

Hey Franceso!
I work on Apicurio[0], which is a web based API design tool and a Red Hat project.
To be clear, you are proposing a validator which will consume an OpenAPI schema definition, and then validate request/response payloads (e.g. JSON formatted data) against the schema.  Correct?
I think it would definitely be *great* to have such a thing and if I can help in some way I'm happy to do so.
That said, the OpenAPI specification group has been very resistant to accepting any code projects.  The position of the committee, as I understand it, is that OpenAPI should be a specification only.  No reference implementations or endorsed projects.
Now, it sounds like you are proposing that a TCK be built in the community as an official OpenAPI artifact/project.  That seems to me like it makes sense, and is something that a lot of specifications do (provide a TCK so that spec implementations can verify that they are compliant).
So I think it would be a great thing to have in the spec, but that's a question for the spec committee.

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